Friday, 23 April 2010

Day 36 and 37 - A home in Aber!

I arrived back in Aberystwyth on Monday and met with Sarah and her five year old daughter Gwen.  She had a quaint studio en-suite room available for a really good price so I took it immediately.  She's friends with my cousin Fran so I knew they'd be nice people.  Both Sarah and Gwen are Welsh speakers.  Gwen speaks very beautiful Welsh.  It's so cute to hear little kids speak in Welsh!

It was nice to finally unpack.  Put all my books out and hung up my cloths.  Definitely a big relief in a way.  The name of the house is Min-y-Fron, which I think means "Edge of the Bank".  The house is on Fordd y Gogledd (North Road) with a row of lovely houses.

From the house, it's about a two minute walk to the ocean front.  Absolute perfection!

I'm on the second floor and the view from my room is of some tennis courts and a row of trees.  I find it oddly comforting.

Not so odd, considering I played a lot of tennis as a kid and I used to play with Eric 'the hammer' Weiden back in my early twenties.  We used to play at all hours of the day.  Even in the rain.  One time, I made fake tacos out of bread (cause I couldn't afford meat).  They looked really good but tasted like an ashtray.  So we ate them anyway and then played tennis until 6am the next morning and had horrific heart burn.  Ahh, the memories...

On Tuesday I went to the National Library of Wales.  I already have my reader card so I have full access to all the books there.  I discovered more family members there on the Blacksmith side.  I have to confirm it but it was pretty exciting to figure out.  I'm thinking of writing a family tree book similar to the one that Aunty Susan has done.  That is, if I can find the time.

Afterwards, I visited with Fran and the kids.  Brychan and Cristyn are great fun.  We ate pizza and I pushed them on the swings.  "Uchel!", they kept yelling at me (higher!)

Did I mention how cute little Welsh speakers are?

There's nothing cuter in the world!

Next, off to Ystalyfera and crashing with Martin and Sille...

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