Thursday, 14 October 2010

Week 29 - Teaching in Dolgellau, and another Sesiwn

Path near Dolgellau
Gwilym and I taught in Dolgellau at the Welsh language school.  Gwilym was amazing!  Really, I was so impressed.  He had the whole lesson planned out.  We both had to speak to the kids in Welsh so that was a challenge.  We played the kids a few tunes and then gave them some instruments to play.  Gwilym explained to them how each of the instruments worked and some basic music concepts.  I played them the trombone just to give them a laugh.  All of them seemed interested in learning more.
One thing that was strange.  The kids all speak Welsh to the adults but together they speak English.  That wigged me out.  Not a good sign for the language...

I did my best to talk to the teachers there but I still can't understand North Walians at all.  I mean, all natural speakers are difficult to understand but North Welsh is almost impossible.  The accent is so strong and they use completely different words.  I'm not sure what to do about that.

Mind, that reminds me of this story that "Doug" Morgan told.  Now, keep in mind, Doug is completely fluent.  Apparently, a woman from North Wales called him to chat.  He was answering her with the usual "hm-mm" and "ie, ie" as she talked and talked.  At the end of half an hour, he put down the phone and shrugged.  He hadn't understood a single word she'd said!

Anyway, we went back on Wednesday for the Dolgellau session which was in a different bar called the Stag.  It was a smaller gathering but still really cool.  Phil was there and sang some great tunes.  After one of the songs he sang, this extremely drunk welsh boy got up and tried to sing Lan y Mor.  That was awesome!  Everything was slightly more tentative without Ceri "Ffliwt" but it was still very nice and intimate.

I caught a ride with Bronwen, Keith, Elsa, Gwilym and the harp had to go on our laps again.  Bronwen said it was "cute the first time but now, not so much."  lol!

I tried to teach little Gwen some piano but rather unsuccessful.  I forgot how little she is and tried to teach her too much.  I tried to show her Jac y Do but it was just slightly too hard.  I'd like another try but we'll see.

I looked for some Welsh piano books for her and only found one.  It's not too clever though so I've been inspired to make one.  I've got quite a bit sketched out now.

Next, a session in Pencader, Welsh language class and finally I make it to Pontypridd...

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