Friday, 11 June 2010

Week 10 (Days 68, 69) - Aber

I definitely met Harriet for some tunes when I got back.  We've been trading and exchanges music and ideas.   She's been helping me with my harp technique, which is quite home-grown.

Harriet is really generous of her time, house and food.  Her harp technique is unbelievably good.  Very quick and virtuosic.  She learns things extremely quickly as well.  She does a ton of gigs, mostly on the road.  She has decided to stick around Aber a bit more as she's getting tired of traveling.  She was doing a gig on the weekend with this fellow from Basque.  Slightly worrying as he may have been a terrorist!  Makes for a good story for sure.  (Fortunately, I heard it all worked out just fine...)

I can't remember if I mentioned Harriet has two CDs but if I haven't, I should.  The one CD is more traditional Celtic and the other has a more modern bent to it.  I think the link here is the more modern of the two.  All you harpers back Canada (all you thousands...) should be buying these CDs.

One of the evenings, I ran into this youth christian group down on the promenade.  There's a bandstand there and they were setting up to play some christian rock.  I stood around for a bit, just seeing if they'd start playing but they didn't.

I can't stand most christian rock.  Most of it is badly written.  
Usually the lyrics are unpoetic, unsubtle, uninspired and soooo boring.  You'd think their writing would be a little more awe-inspiring.  I suppose they lack the gift of metaphor... but I'm digressing.

They had these nice homemade pamphlets explaining their mission.  They obviously put a lot of work into it.  One of girls approached me and said, "Take it.  This will tell you all about Jesus."  I couldn't resist as I handed it back to her, "Thank you, I already know that story."

There's something about this particular type of christian fundamentalist, that I find quite frightening.  It's in part to do with the zombie like stare which has, lying just behind it, a strange bent towards extreme violence.  This type of person is not only a bore, but also dangerous.

This is the type that enjoys a good book burning or worse, a good witch burning.

Needless to say, I didn't stay for the gig.

Next, some Irish dancing in the Cwps...

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