Thursday, 17 February 2011

Week 46 - A Welcome Back to Wales!

Even the ocean missed me!  No kidding.  Everyone I've talked to and visited has been so excited to see me.  Laughter and smiles, jokes and hugs... what a welcome!

The musicians here are so incredibly passionate.  Constantly moving, trying new things, sharing new music, always excited... and the trip back was like butter in comparison to the trip out.  There's a sign, if ever there was one.

Shortly after getting back, I went to this Breton/French dance that Gwil was playing with Annette... duw, duw, is he ever passionate when he talks about music.  Especially when it comes to dance in relation to music.  He had all sorts of curious and interesting things to say on the subject.  I also got to play a couple of tunes with him, including one of my favourites, which is a mazurka called Nina.

Elsa stopped by the house briefly.  What a complete joy to listen to her talk and tell stories about her holidays.  She was so brilliantly sweet!

Catrin, John, Sarah and Gwen of course have been great.  They all tell such funny stories.  I only wish I could understand them better.  It's just when they get going, their Welsh is so fast.  They are an amazing bunch to be around.

I talked to Julie on the phone.  There's another one whom I completely admire.  She's been working really hard on the new Fernhill CD.  She was saying that it's going to be a great year.  And she was really encouraging me to continue with the solo harp stuff.

Awww... I just love these people!


Green and Sunny in January, Aberystwyth


  1. What!? No burning car! Maimed deer? Grumpy, don't want to really be there musicians?! Are you sure you're not imagining some strange fairy-land filled with chocolate fountains and magical moonbeams??

  2. Hi,

    does that mean you've found meaning?
    say hi sometime!

  3. Hey Trog. Yes, I ride a rainbow coloured winged pegasus everywhere I go... errr... I guess I was a little over exuberant there. But hey, check out that photo! It's January and green and no snow!! What's that about?!

    And yeah, no burning cars, maimed deer...


  4. Hi Eric!
    Meaning?! Nah, I don't think there's any meaning to find. Just incomplete meaning at best and generally no meaning at all...

    I don't know why or how... but I can find happiness though. Even in the darkness... I find happiness in a green hill, or being around creative people, I can find happiness in the ocean, and in wine and laughter with friends, or music and its creation, in poetry...

    But meaning... No, not really.

    It's good to hear from you. I'm really digging your blog. And will definitely come say hi.