Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Week 14 (day 90-96) Julie in Aber, session with Elsa and Gwilym

I've been really busy the last month with Cwrs Madog and have nearly forgotten everything that's happened before that.  Here's a small chunk of what I can remember...

I saw Fran at some point during this week.  Another nice visit with Brychan and Cristyn as well.  Still haven't seen Damian yet as he's busy all the time.

Wednesday, Julie stopped by Aber.  We walked to TreeHouse and bought some bread.  Then we played through some tunes.  Again, another great experience with Julie.  She's a beautiful musician!  I seem to remember it being a short session.  Both Julie and Ceri Ffliwt were impressed with the house I'm staying at.

I think on the Thursday, I met with Gwilym and Elsa for some tunes.  This was our first session together.  Elsa's last email referred to our sessions as "Sesiwn Cegin Ceri" which is perfect.  Elsa and Gwilym are incredible together.  Of course, they knew a lot of tunes I didn't know but the tunes we were able to play together were incredible.  I almost started laughing with joy at some to the tunes.  They fell into place so easily, harmonies and all.  I think Elsa may have had some visits from the Tylwyth Teg, her playing has a real dream-like quality.  She pushes and pulls the time around wonderfully and expressively.  She's a willow tree, supple and subtle, and quiet like a shy sprite.  I'm really excited about playing with these two!  But more on that later.

I found a new path past the cliffs.  A nice secluded spot across some farmer's field.  On the way back, I ran into Chris from the wlpan two years ago.  He was with Macy, the girl from the cheese shop.  He promised to text me but I doubt I'll hear from him.  He's living in London now and has pretty much stopped using Welsh.
There was another Twmpath on the weekend, this time in Ffostrasol.

I took a bus over to Synod Inn and Elsa picked me up from there in her mini cooper.  Not very many people showed up.  I think the band out-numbered the crowd but it was still way too much fun.  The band took turns dancing with us.

We did this wild Breton dance in two lines.  We were like little bacteria wrapping around each other.  Hilarious!  I met another Ieuan, this one from Ystalyfera, a great character.  First time to meet Nigel, who's very good at the Breton dances.   It was small but very spirited.  Great fun!    Here's a couple of photos.

Next, onto Y Gelli...    

Y Twmpath
Jay and Steffan
Sille and Martin

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